A platform for providing feedback and suggestions about Cricket Connects and our Players, Clubs and Community websites.
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By Mitchell.Little561
Good site, very helpful but would like it if you made it a bit easier to leave feedback
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By Craig Little
I've found the site helpful fairly easy to navigate but leaving feedback was a bit on the difficult side
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By David Williamson
I have looked at club committee section as I am secretary of a cricket club.
The premise is fantastic, having a resource an library of materials is a great initiative and the site is easy to navigate.
I think having the resources split into the categories makes it logical to find what you need.
I have been testing this on iPad and it works fine.
I am sure with the addition of more resources this will be a very useful and much used site.
All in all great initiative and a really good start. I look forward to more resources.
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By craig.neumann
I agree, the site works well and is easy to navigate.
As a committee, it will help define roles and responsibilities. I don't have any problems with the content.
I had a good look around the parents area too, and thought that it was really good and the club will share this resource with our parent community. Hopefully it will allow our parents to get more involved with the club.
Would it be possible to add a page for senior players, with links to rules, how to score and playing within in the spirit of the game. We could send this link to a player as a first step if they did something like question an umpiring decision on field.
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By KMiegel
Feedback from the MTCA clubs participating in the pilot program (Imperials, Karoonda, Tailem Bend and Mypolonga CC's)
  • Excellent, just like what the Scouts have and it works very well
  • I found it informative and easy to access.
  • At our meeting last night the SACA Cricket Connects was discussed. General feeling was the website was quite good.
  • Greatest thing in the world, all have the best option possible
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By justin.fullgrabe
Its great to have a central hub for all committee members and volunteers around the club to use a reference and guide on what is required when running a successful club.
Will most certainly be using this for season's to come.